Thursday, October 29, 2009

Testing, Testing...Are You Out There?

One of the difficulties with writing blogs is that you often feel like you are whistling in the dark.  It feels like the right thing to do, but you are never sure whether anyone is out there listening.  Now, given that I have been "testing" this blogging idea for 60 days (since August 28th) and written 24 blog postings, it feels like an appropriate time to listen to the feedback.  While I must admit I have enjoyed my part, trying to be creative in communicating my life's experiences with Parkinson's as they happen, I am uncertain as to whether I am acheiving my primary goals.

When I started this experiment, I felt there were very few blogs focused on encouraging others who face the challenges of living with PD or some other degenerative disease.  I wanted to be an encourager.  I also wanted to explain at a personal level what it was like living, and trying to live better, with PD.

All that said, I would like your feedback, which can be directed to my email address by clicking on or noted in the Comment section below.  Now before all you nice people tell me what you think I want to hear, please believe me when I say that I want the straight goods (I can take it, I am a lawyer, remember).  Consider the following questions as a guide:

1.  How can the Positively Parkinson's blog be improved?
2.  What issues would be of interest to you (remember that this is a family show)?
3.  Would you like hearing about/from others living (well) with PD?
4  What about hearing about/from spouses/caregivers living with people with PD?

I will take the responses seriously (good, bad or ugly), and be responsive to your feedback

Thanks for taking the time to respond.



  1. I love reading your blog. I like the wide range of topics that you write about. The blog "Feeling a Little Shaky" struck a cord with me. Your self examination showed a more vulnerable side. I am not as interested in hearing from the spouse/caregiver, but would find it interesting if it was coming from the PD person. I would find any personal writing from a PD person interesting, but am happy to continue reading your view of living life positively with Parkinson's. Yours Brenda

  2. I have been blessed by both not having to personally struggle with or see someone in my family struggle with PD, but so many of the situations you have 'blogged' about show the positive through challenges in life. Some are harder than the others, but struggling through them the best we can with heavenly help is the best we can do. Thanks for being open, this might sound all full of fluff, but I truly enjoy reading each of your entries.

  3. I think the photos are amazing in your blog. Sorry about the typing, your grandson is helping :)
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Bob,

    you know my views. I think the blog is a beautiful piece of writing - elevating and honest.

    If I made one suggestion, it would be this: don't change a thing. People read this because of what it is already. If you try to include all views, it will dilute it. I am not belittling other views such as those of the carers. But PD is a personal journey. We want to share yours.

    Jon Stamford