Sunday, February 14, 2010

We Are More

We shuffle past,
Small steps
To keep upright,
Fearful of falling forward.
Then heeding hidden signs
We stop.
Stuck. Stiff.
Stone still
For no apparent reason.
Rigid like
Some street performer statue
Waiting as we tremble,
Hands and head
Refusing to relax,
Some hidden motors
Idling rough
Cause constant shudders.

But we are more
Than famous Michael,
Or Muhammad,
Or others who need not explain
That slow and slurring speech
Is not a mind gone numb,
Or worse,
But simply disobedience
Of rogue thoughts
Not remaining on their path.

And we are more
Than seniors
Struggling to smile,
Or flex a frozen muscle.
We can be young,
Of any race or creed
Who face a failing future
Far too soon,
Who lose our livelihoods
Before our plans are formed,
And fret the needs
Of loved ones

No, we are more
Than those who suffer silently
And covet hope
Of cure
Or surgical invasion
Or some pills to pop to stop
Momentum of this cruel disease
That nags our waking hours
And sabotages sleep
With sadness.

And we are more
Than islands,
Floating far offshore
To leave your continent
Untouched for long.
We ring the bells
Not for ourselves
But you
Who soon may touch a silver strand
Or none,
And face the waning winter days.

As we are leaders
In the march to living well
When days are short.
We challenged few,
With faith
And wisdom born of pain,
Bring back reports
Of struggles with the enemy,
Whose terror tactics
Would spread fear
Were we not brave
And battle-ready,
Sharing all the secrets
We have learned through loss.

Yes, we are more
Than conquerors
With gritted teeth
And storied wounds.
For we have much to give
Our pride-filled world,
To teach of loss
And mourning
With resolve,
And barter breadth
For depth,
Trade selfishness
For sacrifice,
A better goal by far.

We are much more
Than diagnostic labels
Lacking names
And dreams
And futures.
For we are needed
More, much more,
To show the way
On life’s unraveled edges,
All in need of living,
To discover
We are more.


  1. Very powerful Bob.

    I've enjoyed reading your well-written and insightful blog. Thanks for sharing your journey with a positive and authentic voice.