Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Variety, Beauty and Mishaps - Day 12

The day started well, near missing deer on the road, and managing to stay on the pavement while checking out the scenery.  We covered 375 miles (695 kilometres) of the most varied terrain.  From views of the peaks of the Sawtooth Mountains to the lava fields named Craters of the Moon to huge fields of grain, corn, canola and hay to vast stretches of nothing but sage brush.

The day flew by with limited traffic and generally good roads with the expected variety of hairpin curves through sculpted rock canyons to dead straight runways that the heat shimmered off like a hot griddle.

Over a lunch of tamales and french fries at the "Easy 93", a road side cafe of sorts, we talked about how surprised we were to find such a fantastic restaurant, named the "Sawtooth", serving such creative and tasty menu items in tiny hamlet of Stanley, Idaho, of all places,  It has been our #1 pick so far.

However, mishaps have occurred.  The first was just last night.  We had no Internet, therefore no blog.  Second, the server at our choice for supper suggested we not eat there and referred us to another establishment and asked us to say "Deedee sent you".  Third, birds perching in the trees had decided my bike was a good place to do their business, requiring extra cleaning,  And fFourth, I left my Michelin Atlas that has accompanied me cross Canada and around the whole USA at the "Easy 93" and they did not seem to have the tattered thing when I called later.  And lastly, my "FI" warning light went on outside "Grand View", near Mountain Home, Idaho, necessitating a speedy 60 mile trip to the nearest Honda dealership only to hear the mechanic say, "Don't worry about it." (for which he charged me nothing).  By the way, "FI" stands for fuel injection.  Who knew?  The crowning touch was to discover that I am out of Tootsie Pops to keep me awake tomorrow whenever I get drowsy.

Life is a curious quilt sometimes.  For some reason all day I was obsessing on what could go wrong next, an unusual place for a "glass half full" guy.  Chalk it up to the Parkinson's disease.  Another day dawns tomorrow, and we get to ride again!

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