Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When You Close Your Eyes How Young Are You?

Let no one mourn for me the loss of fitter, keener days.
For I have gained a great deal more from those investments made.
Grayed hair and shaky, hard of hearing, wrinkles and bad teeth;
The price of life’s marred choices?
Yet no hatred in me seethes.
And I'll wager my tomorrow to salvage what I can,
Gain wisdom from mistakes I made
Like any mortal man.

Yes, I am blessed,
For reasons undeserved,
With love and faith 
And hope beyond all measure.

Though contemplate my life I will
It leads me not to frown
Nor beat my chest and cry out "woe is me".
For I have lived threescore
And still am left to live some more.

What years ahead will bring
I know not yet, nor care
For there will be adventures still
And grand enough to dare
To learn and grow and live
It is enough to share.
The days ahead, the days behind
Need never be compared.

Though I may fail in body or in mind,
Or cease to see
Let no one urge me, "curse…and die"
A bitter, little me.
Remind me, those who call me friend, to live life purposely,
Until I close my eyes and care not what my age would be.


  1. Happy birthday Bob! Thinking of you today as you mark another milestone in your life. I wish you many blessings and hope you have a marvelous day even though you are celebrating this day away from home. Wes and I are looking forward to seeing you soon and going for a long ride on the bikes!
    Love Janie

  2. Many happy returns Bob!! Thinking of you on your great adventure - what a great way to spend your birthday!! Lots of love, Kari

  3. Thank you for your kind words. They have been an encouragement to me.


  4. Optimism and gratitude seem to be common attributes of most Parkinson's people I have had the honour to know, if only through cyberspace. You are among them.

    This has truly been a remarkable journey.

  5. P.S. Your birthday is only two days before my own.